Why Windshield Repair in Broken Arrow is Better Than Replacement?

Did you know that damaged glass is approximately 70% weaker than undamaged windshield glass? One can if the damage goes unaddressed, how many drivers out there risk their safety and potentially face expensive replacements. Whether it’s a small chip caused by a stray rock or a hairline crack from extreme weather conditions, windshield damage is a common problem that demands our attention.

By the end of this blog, you will clearly understand why choosing windshield repair in Broken Arrow is a smarter choice than replacing it. So let’s dive into it!

Advantages of Windshield Repair in Broken Arrow over Replacement 

Windshield repair can save you up to 75% compared to replacement costs. When faced with a damaged windshield, many car owners in Broken Arrow often need clarification about whether to opt for repair or replacement. While both options have their merits, understanding the distinct advantages of windshield repair can help you make an informed decision that saves you time and money and preserves the integrity of your vehicle.  

Let’s find out the significant benefits of windshield repair over replacement:

Cost-Effective Solution:

The cost change between repair and replacement is often substantial, making windshield repair a more cost-effective solution. Repairs start at $50, almost 88% cheaper than a complete windshield replacement, around $400. However, the repair price depends on factors such as the extent of damage, location, and the specific repair techniques employed. In most cases, repairing minor chips, cracks, or scratches is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire windshield. 

Insurance Coverage Available:

Many insurance policies include coverage for windshield repair as part of their comprehensive or glass breakage coverage. This means that policyholders may not have to bear the total repair cost out of their pockets.

Insurance coverage for windshield repair can vary depending on the policy and the insurance provider. Some policies may cover the entire repair cost, while others require a deductible. However, some US states have “zero deductible” laws that prohibit auto insurance companies from charging a deductible for glass claims covered by comprehensive insurance. Car owners need to review their insurance policy or contact their insurance provider to understand the extent of their coverage.

Time-Saving Benefits:

In most cases, professional windshield repair Broken Arrow can complete the process within hours. Unlike replacement, which may require more time due to removing and installing a new windshield, repairs can be carried out promptly. Many repair companies provide on-site services, meaning they can come directly to the car owner’s location. Whether at home, work, or any other convenient location, technicians equipped with the necessary tools can efficiently repair the windshield on the spot. This allows car owners to return to the road quickly and resume their daily activities without significant disruption. 

Preserving Original Car Value:

Preserving the original windshield of your vehicle plays a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle’s overall integrity and value. Within a few months, 90% of the chips spread and became larger cracks. When vehicles were being initially manufactured, it would be equipped with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshield specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the frame of your car. Replacement of a windshield that doesn’t replicate the OEM installation has caused numerous injuries and fatalities. By preserving the original windshield, you not only safeguard the structural integrity of your vehicle but also enhance its resale value.

Environmental Sustainability:

Windshield repair offers significant environmental benefits by addressing sustainability concerns and promoting eco-friendly practices. We can reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint by choosing repair over replacement. Approximately 75 million windshields are replaced yearly due to damage, which contributes significantly to the carbon footprint. Windshield replacement contributes to landfill waste as old windshields are discarded, while repair eliminates the need for disposal. Additionally, the production and installation of new windshields consume substantial energy, whereas repair conserves resources by utilizing existing glass.

When to Choose Replacement Over Repair?

While windshield repair in Broken Arrow can offer several advantages, there are certain cases where a replacement may be necessary. These situations include:

  1. Severe damage compromising structural integrity
  2. Damage obstructing the driver’s line of sight
  3. Large chips or cracks that exceed the repairable limit
  4. Multiple prior repair attempts
  5. Damage near the edge risks structural stability

Let’s Wrap It Up

In conclusion, windshield repair in Broken Arrow surpasses replacement as the preferred solution for addressing windshield damage. It ensures vehicle safety by maintaining structural integrity and safeguarding against external elements. With its cost-effectiveness and insurance coverage, the repair is more affordable. Time-saving benefits come into play as repairs can be completed quickly, often on-site, avoiding the inconvenience of a lengthy replacement process. The vehicle’s value remains intact by preserving the original windshield, attracting potential buyers.

Do you need clarification about whether you should go for repair or replacement? Take professional advice. Contact Us – a reputable windshield repair service provider and restore the integral structure of your windshield without compromising safety.


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