Why Online Stores Are Better Than Physical Stores People who shop online are increasing in number every day. They prefer the convenience of using the internet because of the little time involved in buying and purchasing. People today are so busy with their lives that even purchasing something seems such a hassle; resorting to online stores provides a quick solution to their needs, as web stores are everywhere on the Web. The ubiquity of website stores shows how successful online marketing is. Online marketing has several advantages.

The consumer’s advantage
Online stores give people wider options because consumers can read comments and product reviews from other readers. This widens their decision making process, allowing them to scrutinize the product from other people’s opinion. They can also consider information from short articles written about the product.

A lot of times, the impulse to buy comes from the feeling of needing something. That feeling is further reinforced by having the money or the resources to acquire what you want to buy. However, online stores do not bring about the pressure that buyers feel when inside a real store that somehow influences the buyers’ decision to buy a product. On the other hand, there is subtlety in website stores, which makes people feel relaxed. Because there’s no pressure, buyers can freely decide on which product to buy.

The owner’s advantage
In some countries, starting an online store is as easy as creating a new blog. There are no requirements to meet and there are no papers to submit. A physical store is a more demanding field because aside from business permits and requirements, owners have to literally maintain the store and manage people. Having an online store only entails managing a website, not a physical store. That being said, a physical store with a corresponding online presence has more advantage over one that doesn’t.

Through the internet, consumers can compare product prices from 10 or even 20 different stores quickly and easily, while checking price tags in shops takes a lot more time. There are shops that don’t allow people to list down product prices or brand codes, which is of great disadvantage to the buyer. There are also shops that don’t allow people to take photos of their products.

Usually, prices in online stores are lower because their owners do not have to pay a bunch of people to work for them. Online stores usually get their products directly from the manufacturer unlike physical stores that hire people or outsource trucking services for delivery.
Physical store advantage

Some people still prefer to shop in physical stores because for them, being able to see and examine their desired product is the greatest feeling about buying. They get to touch the product, scrutinize its details and even smell it. Online stores cannot offer these things.

Security There are online stores that can give you a hundred percent security, especially those that have been in the business for years. Such stores often have great consumer feedbacks. Many of these have long established their physical stores even before they ventured online. However, it is still the consumers’ call to determine the level of security in a web store. Dealing with online stores is still a matter of trust because not even the logos of PayPal and Visa and tons of good feedback can assure that you’ll get quality products, or that you’ll get the product at all.


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