What is the first step in the assignment writing process?


If you are a college and university student, then you are very well familiar with the word assignment. And I don’t think that it requires any kind of definition to tell. Students are usually tired of doing assignment writing. And students also complain to their teachers that they have written the whole assignment. But they did not give them good marks. Let me tell you the reason. The reason behind it is the process and the structure of the assignment writing.

Everything should be done via a professional method and so does the assignment. There is a complete process of assignment writing. But in this post, we will just see the importance and benefits of the first step. And what is the potential of this first step in assignment writing? And why it is so important to talk about.

The First Step of Assignment Writing:

When a student gets the assignment what’s the first thing he does? Some of you might be thinking about reading the deadline. Which is quite true but other than the deadline? The students will read the requirements in the assignments. And then start the first step.


Never jump right into the process of assignment writing before analyzing. It means that you should know what the assignment is about, the topics, the criteria, and the questions. Combining all three or four things will help you make a plan and structure for the assignment. And then the whole building of the assignment will be built. And at the base, it is not possible to create a tall and strong building.

Analyzing doesn’t mean reading the assignment description. From reading the description, making the plan with execution all come under the name of analyzing. And you can also take an Assignment writing service to help you out in the assignment writing.

Understand the requirement:

When the teacher handed you the assignment then after reading the assignment you have to understand what is required in this assignment. And how do I get it? Understanding the requirement and making the plan to get it also comes in the analysis of the assignment writing.

Understanding the requirement means the information about the topic of the assignment writing. Write down the key requirement clearly for yourself. And then start making the plan to reach where it needed to go.

Plan through the criteria like plagiarism and the number of pages. Because assignment writing is not just limited to essay writing. Maybe you want to go to study for a master’s degree. And they tell you to get them a capstone project. Or maybe you need to submit your dissertation. All of these are in the form of assignments. And to get good marks in this kind of project the students have to make a perfect plan according to the requirement, deadline, and expertise. And this takes the students with them to the traveling of research. Without analyzing and asking the questions you cannot make a good research plan.

Pre Writing:

Pre-writing is making a rough sketch of the assignment. And this is also in the category of analyzing. Because in this section you have to understand and decide the approach of how to approach the business. You have to do research like reading newspapers, books, and previous assignments related to that topic. And one of the best things is to talk with your senior and ask about his experience. And you will get a whole lot of information. So, you will get a lot of information to create a strong base in the assignment writing.

Learn about the writing strategies like tone, and how to do the prewriting of assignments. And if you are doing a presentation then choose a person that will face the audience and can make a good impact on the group. You should anyone who is capable of speaking in front of an audience without any type of confusion and nervousness.


Brainstorm the ideas that are in your head and explain it to the team (If it’s a team project). And tell them how you are going to achieve it. Make a plan and start doing it.

Organizing Ideas:

Organize the whole plan to make the assignment and create an efficient strategy to go right according to the assignment writing and achieve the best assignment writing marks in the college or university.


Identification is also another very important part of Analyzing the assignment writing. And in this part, the students find out the keywords that the whole assignment is revolving around. And how to get the information about that keyword.

Access the old Assignments related to the Topic:

When a teacher gives you to do an assignment writing. The most significant thing to do is to read and assess the whole previous assignments and this will tell you what to do, and how to do it. And what mistakes you should avoid while Assignment writing.

As I said in the first paragraphs, the most important step in assignment writing is the first step. And that is why if you read and prepare your plan according to the previous assignments. Then you will get a whole lot of information and you will have a high probability 0f getting high marks on the assignment.


Assignment writing is not just when the teacher gives you an assignment of writing a 2-page essay. From writing a 2-page essay. Completing the dissertation and making a Capstone project which takes almost a year to complete everything is an assignment. And to write the best possible assignment that could help the students to get good marks. The students have to plan, implement, and strategize the first step very perfectly. The first step is analyzing and in this step, there is a whole other process of analyzing the assignment and understanding its requirements. And then planning the implementation part accordingly.


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