What is sublimation printing and what are its main applications

What is sublimation printing and what are its main applications

Many customers turn to us to request customized clothing items using sublimation printing services, which is a process that allows for excellent aesthetic results and great resistance.

What materials can sublimation printing be performed on

• Polyester

• Technical fabrics

• Cotton

• Nylon

Sublimation printing for sports and t-shirts

We work mainly in the provinces of Monza, Lecco, Milan and Bergamo. Our specialty? Definitely custom sublimation printing for the sports sector!

• Cycling

• Soccer

• Volleyball

• Swimwear

• T-shirts

• Gym clothes

Numerous sportsmen and also teams, clubs, gyms, associations, schools and sponsors come to us.

Contact us! We have the right solution to bring your printing ideas to life!

How does the sublimation process take place?

The sublimation process, widespread in the digital printing sector, is the transformation that the inks undergo when they are transformed into gas (sublimate) thanks to the heat, uniting themselves in a stable manner to the polyester surface. Sublimatic printing involves the use of special inkjet printers that allow to obtain an innovative result suitable for any type of material, including technical fabrics, polyester and pre-treated materials based on polyester and nylon.

Why Seriprint has chosen sublimation printing

Because it is the ideal complement to digital graphics: it allows you to significantly expand the communication offer to your customers, as well as offering concrete added value derived from the greater customizations allowed by this technique.

Any technical and sports fabric can be made ad hoc according to the customer’s needs, satisfying even the most extravagant ideas. This type of printing lends itself well to sports fabrics intended for football, cycling and swimming: it makes it possible to effectively convey the colors, company logos and advertising messages of the sponsors.

The advantages

The advantages deriving from the use of this printing technique are many: first of all, the sublimated ink has a high resistance over time to rubbing, sunlight and washing, in short, in all circumstances in which the fabric is subjected to environmental stress ; moreover, the use of the chemical-physical process called “sublimation” implies a passage of state of the dye from the solid phase directly to the gaseous one, without passing through the liquid phase: for this very reason the ink is fixed to the synthetic fabric in depth and without smudging. However, we remind you that sublimation requires high heat, not less than 170° C, therefore the fabric must always be treated in a calender or with a heat press.

In the case of indirect printing, therefore carried out on paper, a uniform pressure is required for the coupling of the paper to the fabric, necessary to prevent the dye (in the gaseous state) from spreading incorrectly in its weave.

Other advantages are:

– Unaltered fabrics: the color, being transferred directly to the fibres, does not alter the transpiration, elasticity and resistance of the fabrics;

– Durability over time: the design does not lose color and does not break, since it is tied to the garment;

– There are no color limitations: like any desktop printer, it is capable of transferring a wide range of colours;

– Affordable prices: as with digital printing, sublimation printing also does not involve the burden of the fixed costs of screen printing, guaranteeing a good price even for limited editions.

Seriprint packs customized solutions

Seriprint prints on technical fabrics for sports such as cycling, football, volleyball, swimwear, t-shirts, gym clothing. We operate throughout the Monza and Milan area, satisfying customer requests by producing tailor-made materials for every need. Contact us and request your free quote.


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