The Empty Man Movie Review

“The Empty Man” is a supernatural horror thriller directed by David Prior and based on the graphic novel of the same name by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey. The film follows James Lasombra (played by James Badge Dale), a former police officer turned private investigator, as he delves into a mysterious case involving a group of teenagers who have gone missing after summoning a supernatural entity known as “The Empty Man.” Continue reading the Empty Man Movie Review to learn more about the film.

Review –Story

The movie’s plot slowly comes together, mixing mystery, horror, and psychological thriller. “The Empty Man” builds its story slowly, creating a sense of stress and mystery. Even though the story moves slowly, this is done on purpose to build tension and add to the wonder of the magical entity. The shocks and turns in the story keep the audience interested and thinking until the very end.

Review –Performance

James Badge Dale does a good job as the main character, James Lasombra. He plays a troubled and driven detective very well, catching the emotional depth and complexity of the character. The supporting group, including Marin Ireland and Stephen Root, also does well. They give their parts more depth and realism.

Review –Themes and Symbolism

Some of the themes in “The Empty Man” that make you think are philosophy, nihilism, and the power of religion. The movie available on gomovies app looks at the idea of nothingness and how it shows up in different people. It also looks at what happens when you try to find answers in the unknown. Symbolism and psychological themes are mixed into the story, which makes it possible for watchers to think about greater meanings beyond the scary parts.

Review – Scares and Effects

Jump scares and clever scary effects are common in movies, and TV shows these days. Many popular horror movies focus more on them than on making a really scary tone. The second one is a lot better at making a really scary story. Just look at Hereditary and see how it compares to The Nun.

The Empty Man could be better because of a few weak jump scares, needless violent scenes, and bad CGI. But, in the end, David Prior is able to create that truly creepy atmosphere with his well-rounded script, the strong performances of the actors, and the frightening music score.

Final Word

The Empty Man is both a nice and a scary surprise. Almost everyone who saw it before it came out on VOD thought it would be like Slender Man. And that could explain why the crowd test scores weren’t great. They weren’t ready for what happened. But if you go into The Empty Man expecting a tough mental and psychological trip, you’ll definitely find something to like about it, even if some parts aren’t that great.


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