Streamline Your Operations With WebPT EMR Software

WebPT EMR is an all-in-one multi-specialty EMR, practice management and billing software solution. Its one-of-a-kind flexibility streamlines documentation automates billing and scheduling, and improves compliance. 

Founded in 2008, WebPT is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Its customers include physical therapy practices of all sizes, from small independent clinics to large multi-location organizations.

Patient Portal 

Providing your patients with portal access to their information will help you streamline your operations by eliminating the need to communicate directly with each patient. In turn, this will reduce office call volume and the time spent on phone calls. The patient portal also allows for faster and more efficient scheduling, a key feature for any medical practice. 

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Patients can use the patient portal to get test results quickly, request prescription refills and communicate with their physician outside of office hours. These features make the patient experience seamless and improve patient loyalty. In addition to the messaging and communication benefits of the patient portal, online billing and insurance management make it easier for patients to track their costs and care expenses. 

Patient portals can also be used to distribute educational content that serves as a support system for patients with chronic conditions or who are undergoing long-term treatment. These tools can also increase patient engagement and ownership of their health by allowing them to check and verify the accuracy of their information. In addition, they can meet some requirements for Meaningful Use, including granting patients a path to their private health information. 

However, it’s important to note that not every patient will embrace the use of a patient portal. The complexities of using a new technology can be intimidating for some patients, especially those who are less familiar with computers and the internet. Moreover, socioeconomic factors like low income and education level may limit their ability to utilize the portal. 

Physicians can minimize the negative effects of portal use by providing adequate training and offering resources to help patients navigate the system. They can also set expectations with patients regarding their response time to messages, as well as who is responsible for answering their questions when the physician is not available. Additionally, they can implement shortcuts and smart phrases for frequently asked questions, so patients can easily respond with the correct information without having to waste time typing or waiting for a response. 

Ultimately, a patient portal will save physicians time and make them more productive. But to maximize the benefits, it’s essential for them to encourage patients to engage with the system and take advantage of its features. To do this, they need to clearly communicate the value that the portal provides and provide a strong user experience. They should also be willing to invest the time to train their staff and establish proper workflows. 


WebPT is a software solution for physical therapy clinics with an integrated EMR/PM that can be used by therapists and their administrative teams. The system is web-based and accessible from any device with an internet connection. It is compatible with major healthcare systems and is HIPAA compliant, which ensures the security of patient data. This system is designed to help therapists and their administrative team manage documentation, scheduling and billing tasks. The system also offers a range of analytics and reporting tools, as well as external document uploading. 

Streamline operations by automating your schedule, booking appointments and reducing no-shows with the power of online scheduling. Schedule a free demonstration and see how this tool can benefit your practice. 

Many patients appreciate the convenience of online scheduling and will be more likely to choose a practice that offers this feature. Online scheduling can increase new client acquisition, improve customer retention and improve overall practice performance. 

Moreover, online scheduling allows clients to book sessions at their convenience and on any day of the week. It reduces scheduling conflicts, which saves you time and money. It can also eliminate the need for administrative staff to call patients to confirm their appointments. 

The system can also streamline your practice’s financial processes by providing features like payment aggregation, automated remittances, electronic claim submission and workflow consultations. In addition, you can use the software to track compliance and collect valuable data on your therapists’ productivity like Carestream EMR. 

Despite the many features of the software, some users have expressed their frustration with its slow functionality and frequent glitches. Additionally, many PT/OT clinics have complained that the software does not allow them to save their work in progress. This can be frustrating for clinicians, especially when they are in the middle of writing an evaluation or chart note. Having the ability to save their work would make WebPT more user-friendly and reduce lost productivity. Ultimately, this could be enough to convince some therapists and their administrative teams to look for alternative software solutions. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available that offer the same or more benefits. 


WebPT is a 100% web-based HIPAA-compliant physical therapy EMR software solution. Since 2008, it has grown to include over 300 employees and serves clients across the United States. 

The company offers many features for PTs and their staff to streamline their business processes. Its core capabilities include a documentation platform, home exercise program (HEP) development and tracking, functional limitation reporting, a therapist portal, practice management tools, revenue cycle services and scheduling capabilities. 

Documentation is easy with the software’s standardized templates and intuitive note-taking tools. Streamlined workflows and automatic alerts ensure compliance with regulations. 

The software can also automate the billing and scheduling processes, saving time for therapists and their staff. It can track payments and submissions to insurance companies, helping therapists focus on providing high-quality patient care. 

PTs can reduce no-shows and cancellations by 30% with appointment reminders that can be sent to patients via text, email or phone. Schedule one-time or recurring appointments on a calendar that syncs with digital patient records. Organize the calendar according to clinicians, specific clients or practice locations. 

Providing patients with an effective and individualized HEP is essential to improving health outcomes, but research has shown that many patients struggle to adhere to their therapists’ prescribed regimens. WebPT’s new HEP software is designed to improve engagement and accessibility, resulting in better client outcomes. 

Many PTs report that the training for WebPT’s software is minimal, and some users. Had to muddle through using the system without sufficient support from the company’s staff members. Others cite that the support team takes more than 24 hours to respond to inquiries, which can be inconvenient for busy therapists. 

If you’re looking for a more user-friendly and robust EMR, try Juvonno. Its all-in-one software tailors to your unique workflows and provides a single platform for booking, charting, scheduling, client communications and billing. Get started with a free demo to see how it can benefit your practice. Click here to schedule yours today. 


As the nation’s most-trusted EMR software, WebPT offers a fully integrated practice management platform that includes comprehensive documentation. Automated billing and scheduling, and business tools that help physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology practices improve patient care and grow their businesses. Established in 2008, WebPT has built a reputation as the leading provider of rehab-therapy EMR. Compliance, and billing software for private practice owners across the United States. In 2014, Battery took a majority stake in the company, helping WebPT expand its sales and marketing efforts. 

The company continues to invest in the product, offering new features and integrations. That have helped it remain competitive in a rapidly-changing healthcare landscape. Among its most notable updates include the addition of a patient portal, electronic benefit verification, and automated appointment reminders. WebPT’s unified platform also supports multiple types of claims submission. And processing to increase the speed, accuracy, and reimbursement rate of insurance submissions. 

With a single monthly subscription, WebPT allows users to document patients’ progress and track their treatments in real-time. It also helps therapists reduce cancellations and no-shows by sending out personalized text and email reminders. Moreover, the system lets users automatically send discharge summaries to patients, helping them comply with regulatory mandates. 

While the system has a number of convenient features. Some users say that it is difficult to use and requires extensive training. Some of these users even note that it takes them more than 24 hours to get a response from the support team. 

However, many users feel that this software can be an effective solution. For small clinics, especially those that operate on a cash basis. The software can handle credit card payments, and a payment-based solution is available for those who do not accept insurance. Additionally, the software can be used with a medical billing service to streamline the workflow of practice and reduce costs. If you would like to see how the WebPT software can benefit your PT practice, contact us here to receive a free quote. We will match you with the RIGHT billing service providers for your needs. 


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