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In todays era , Blogging is important because it provides potential customer about the useful information , which helps the company to improve the company’s credibility  and the thought leadership.

Every blog writer wants to make his own blog on the top of search engines, similarly every website owners also wants to have his website on the top results of SERPs. Today in this article , we will look some best SEO practices that our agency follows to make your site appear on the search engines.

Every industry follows different SEO strategies , but below are the best SEO practices that we follows , so lets have a look

Best SEO Practices for Blog Traffic and the Conversions

Choose the Right Keywords

The search engine is all about the keywords, or you can say it is totally dependent on keywords. Without keywords, you won’t be able to analyze further. Keywords are the short phrases of words , which user used to find out the desired things on search engine.

So, you have to be careful while choosing the keywords for your site. Keywords are chosen on the basis of competitor’s site as well as the search volume. More the search volume , more you are likely to rank on search engine.

Our  experts in Fresno SEO Agency analyses the competitors site and looks out on the keywords on which competitors site. Then chooses the keywords according to your site and make sure that the keywords occur organically all over your posts and boosts your post relevance.

Optimize the Title

The Title represents the short description of your site, it describes what the post is about. The title has the capability to attract the potential customers. So, you have to keep your title small and precise, it should not be too small nor too long. You have to keep the headline under 66 characters , if its possible. The well optimized title increases the relevancy of the page.

Always Publish Original Content

Google prioritize the quality content , it will rank the site on the basis of its relevancy. So, try to put the original content only as it helps the algorithms to do their job.

You have to make your content unique. For instance , no one wants to click two or three blogs sharing the same tips. So you have to make your content unique and it  should not be the copy of some other website.

The content writer at Fresno SEO agency , are expert with years of experience and provides unique content which can leads to gain traffic and conversions.

Must Include Relevant Images

Images containing blog posts are tend to be more popular than those which do not have any images. Images makes your blog more memorable because people remember images 6 times easier than the text. And you know , Google and Search engines are making efforts for the image recognition with visual search elements and includes much more images.

So, whenever you add images , always remember to add titles or images captions by using the top keywords along with the ALT tags and your credit sources.

Consider Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta description and tags can even enhance your ranking four times faster. The meta description accurately summarize the blog with the top keywords. The relevant categories and tags helps you to organize blog so that the readers can find the specific posts from your homepage only.

The Conclusion

So, above are the best SEO practices that our Fresno SEO agency applies whenever we perform any search engine optimization technique. These practices helps us to reach our goal smoothly. SEO is the time taking process , but when you use these practices you can see the improvements in your ranking


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