Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

The installation of solar panels is great method to decrease your energy bills and impact on the environment. The lifespan of solar panels is approximately 25-30 years and the investment will eventually be repaid with the money you’ll save from your monthly utility bill.

But, it’s crucial to maintain your solar panels to ensure you’re getting the maximum possible value. Here is a solar panel maintenance guide to help you learn about the maintenance of Solar Panel in Pakistan as well as how to keep them in the top condition throughout the years.

Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

Solar panels do not need regular maintenance. You may however need to periodically clean your solar panels to ensure debris and dirt do not obstruct the sunlight’s beam. The conditions that might require you to clean your solar panels include:

Declutter: If the solar panels get blocked by the branches or leaves that have fallen after storms, they can lower the efficiency of your solar PV system. Debris may also cause hotspots on your system, which could cause certain parts to heat up.

Discoloration or dust Solar panels are known to develop staining or dust in the course of time. These could also affect your performance.

Ice and snow: Snow or ice buildup may result in under-cooling, which causes tiny cracks to the solar panels. A few inches of snow or ice buildup could also affect your overall efficiency.

It is possible that you will require more comprehensive maintenance should a component that is part of your solar PV system malfunctions. It is best to leave this maintenance and repair task with a solar contractor who is a professional who have the knowledge and skill to protect your solar panels when they are being repaired.

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How Often Do You Need To Perform Solar Panel Maintenance?

While solar panel maintenance is mostly minimal, you should be sure to keep a routine maintenance schedule in mind to ensure your panels operate with maximum efficiency. The frequency of your maintenance is contingent on the type of maintenance, which can comprise:

The annual inspection of your solar panels: A certified should inspect your solar panels at least once per year to be sure all the components operate properly and your systems are operating efficiently.

Cleaning: Generally the need to wash your solar panels two times each year. However, your climate will determine how often you need to cleanse your solar system. In the case of example, if you reside in a locale that experiences lots of rain, you might only need to cleanse the solar panels a couple of times per year. Or, if you find that your solar system is not receiving a lot of rain and is prone to dust and debris, you will want to consider more maintenance.

Extra maintenance: If your solar panel is showing signs of trouble beyond cleaning and annual inspections, like issue with the system’s performance, set up a maintenance appointment with your solar installer to determine and fix the problem.

How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

The kind of maintenance that you must perform will dictate the process of maintenance. It is possible to do cleaning yourself unless your solar panels are on locations that might not be secure, like the sharp angles of your roof. In this case it is possible for your solar provider to help you clean your panels. Any repairs or inspections must be carried out by a skilled professional, too.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean solar panels are more efficient than ones that are covered with dirt and other debris. The way to clean your solar panels will differ based on the circumstance you’re facing.

If you’re cleaning dust and debris from the panels, use the water hose or a leaf blower. It will clear of any leaves or branches. Make sure you’re not using the pressure washer or high-pressure nozzle so you do not ruin the panels. If the panels appear clean after rinsing with water, you can use water, glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove any dust left. Do not use any abrasive material that could cause micro-cracks or scratches to your solar panels.

The snow will melt quickly in case your solar panels were mounted at a steep angle. But, there are solar panels that aren’t positioned to let snow drop off. If you notice that snow is accumulating on your solar panels, the process of removing it is necessary. It is contingent on how much snow that you receive in your area, you may have be doing this every day in the winter.

Place lukewarm, warm water on your solar panels to help melt any ice or snow. Avoid hot water as drastic temperature fluctuations can cause your panels to crack. Then, wipe away the remainder of the residue, so that it will not melt. Even a thin frost can lower the efficiency of the solar panels.

Solar Panel Repairs

The most reliable indicator that your solar panels need to be maintained by professionals is if the energy you use is decreased. If your solar panels aren’t producing as much electricity in the same way as they did previously and your electricity bills have increased, it is recommended to call your solar contractor to make the appointment to conduct maintenance.

How Much Does Solar Panel Maintenance Cost?

The majority of solar panel maintenance is free, as you can often easily remove dirt and debris yourself. If you want to hire an expert to wash your solar panels for you this can cost several hundred dollars subject to the area you live in. Costs for repairs and inspections differ widely. Solar Panel Price in Pakistan.

However, many solar installers provide warranties on workmanship and materials to pay for some repair costs you may encounter. The warranties ensure that your solar panels won’t lower than certain levels of efficiency. They can also cover the costs of unexpected damage from extreme weather or other events beyond your control.

It is important to take a look at the terms of warranties, as many stipulate that your panels are insured as long as they take care of them. If, for instance, you don’t keep your panels clean frequently, the warranty might not cover any repairs related to buildup.


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