Mini-golf in Orlando, Florida is a popular recreational activity that involves playing a miniature version of traditional golf on a smaller course. Mini-golf courses in Orlando typically feature 18 holes and are designed to be fun, challenging, and accessible for people of all ages and skill levels.


Orlando is home to a variety of mini-golf courses that offer unique themes, obstacles, and challenges, such as pirate-themed courses, glow-in-the-dark courses, and courses with water features and windmills. Some mini-golf courses in Orlando may also offer additional attractions, such as arcades, go-karts, and batting cages.


Mini-golf is a fun and family-friendly activity that provides a great way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. In Orlando, mini-golf courses are popular among tourists and locals alike, as they offer a fun and entertaining alternative to traditional golf and other recreational activities.


At many of the theme parks in Orlando, Florida, you can play mini-golf. The following are a few options for mini-golf in Orlando’s theme parks:

Mini Golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens: This mini-golf course is at Walt Disney World. It has two 18-hole courses, one of which is inspired by Disney’s classic “Fantasia.”

Miniature Golf at Disney’s Summerland in the winter: This mini-golf course, which is also at Walt Disney World, has two 18-hole courses, one with a winter theme and one with a summer theme.

Hollywood Drive-In Golf from Universal: At Universal City Walk, there is a mini-golf course with two 18-hole courses: one with a horror movie theme and one with a sci-fi movie theme.

Privateer’s Bay Experience Golf: Near International Drive is this mini-golf course, which has two 18-hole pirate-themed courses with caves, waterfalls, and pirate ships.

Golf on the Congo: This scaled down green, likewise situated close to Global Drive, highlights 18 holes with a tropical rainforest subject, complete with cascades, buckles, and live crocodiles.

In general, mini-golf is a popular activity at many Orlando, Florida, theme parks because it provides guests with a fun and entertaining alternative to conventional rides and attractions. A great activity for families and people of all ages, each mini-golf course has its own special features and challenges.



In Orlando, Florida, mini-golf is a popular recreational activity. In the city, there are numerous minigolf courses, each with its own themes, challenges, and obstacles. The following are some of Orlando’s most popular mini-golf courses:


Adventure Golf at Pirate’s Cove: There are two 18-hole pirate-themed courses on this mini-golf course, complete with pirate ships, waterfalls, and caves. The course, which is close to International Drive, is a popular family attraction.


Golf on the Congo: This 18-hole mini-golf course features live alligators, waterfalls, caves, and a tropical rainforest theme. A one-of-a-kind and entertaining mini-golf experience is on offer at the course, which is close to International Drive.


Minigolf Hawaiian Rumble: There are 18 holes on this Hawaiian-themed mini-golf course, complete with tiki huts, volcanoes, and tropical plants. The course, which is in Lake Buena Vista, is a popular tourist and local attraction.


Golf in Adventure at Lost Caverns: There are 18 holes on this mini-golf course with a prehistoric theme, including caves, waterfalls, and life-size dinosaurs. A fun and one-of-a-kind mini-golf experience is provided at the course in Ocoee.


Hollywood Drive-In Golf: At Universal City Walk, there is a mini-golf course with two 18-hole courses filled with challenges and obstacles from movies. The theme of one course is a horror movie, while the theme of the other course is a sci-fi movie.



In Orlando, Florida, there is a popular mini-golf course and wildlife park called Gator Golf Adventure Park. The 18-hole mini-golf course has alligators, waterfalls, and tropical plants as its unique Florida theme. People of all ages and skill levels will find the course enjoyable and challenging.

In addition to mini-golf, Gator Golf Adventure Park lets visitors get up close and personal with live alligators. Through educational exhibits and demonstrations, visitors can learn about the park’s collection of alligators, which range in size from hatchlings to mature adults.

A gem-mining station where guests can mine for real gems and fossils and a gift shop with a variety of souvenirs and snacks are two additional attractions at Gator Golf Adventure Park. The recreation area is open all year and is a well-known objective for families and vacationers searching for tomfoolery and instructive outing in Orlando.


In general, Gator Golf Adventure Park is a fun and educational mini-golf course and wildlife park that is one of a kind. It is a must-visit location for anyone looking for a fun and unique mini-golf experience in Orlando due to its Florida-themed course and live alligators.


Putting Edge Gleam In obscurity Little Golf is a well-known indoor small golf chain with areas all through North America, remembering for Orlando, Florida. The small green is played in a special and vivid climate, highlighting dark lit openings, shining snags, and neon plans on the walls and floors.

The futuristic design of the course includes neon planets, glowing alien characters, and space-age decor. The course is fun and challenging for players of all ages and skill levels, and each hole has a different challenge.

Putting Edge is a popular spot for group outings and celebrations because it also provides private event space for parties and corporate events. Moreover, the Orlando area includes an arcade with different games and a lunch room serving rewards.

Visitors to Orlando can take advantage of a fun-filled and one-of-a-kind mini-golf experience at Putting Edge Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf. It is a popular destination for families, friends, and groups looking for a fun and memorable activity to do together due to its futuristic theme, dark environment, and challenging obstacles.


In addition, many Orlando resorts provide mini-golf courses as part of their guest services. A few examples include:


Mini Golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens: This course, which is at the Walt Disney World Resort, has two 18-hole minigolf courses that are based on the classic animated film “Fantasia.” The other course is intended for families and children, while the first is more difficult.


Hollywood Drive-In Golf from Universal: This course at Universal CityWalk features two 18-hole minigolf courses based on classic science fiction and horror films. There are unique difficulties and obstacles in each course.


Adventure Golf at Pirate’s Cove: This mini-golf course, which is close to International Drive, has two 18-hole courses with a pirate theme. The course is suitable for players of all ages and features pirate ships, caves, and waterfalls.


Golf on the Congo: Congo River Golf offers an 18-hole jungle-themed mini-golf course with waterfalls, caves, and other obstacles at multiple Orlando locations.


In general, mini-golf is a fun and convenient activity that guests can do without leaving the resort in Orlando. These courses offer visitors of all ages a one-of-a-kind and entertaining experience with a variety of themed challenges and courses.



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