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Influencer Marketing; All You Should Know In 2023

Influencer marketing is the latest way of promoting one’s brand. All those traditional ways of branding are left behind. People nowadays believe who they are following on social media platforms. It is like an online family of millions of people. 

You must be having an Instagram account or a Facebook profile. All those with blue ticks after their name are either celebrities, politicians, or influencers. In short, Influencers are those people who influence a large number of people online. They have the ability to convince people to purchase products they use themselves. 

As per stats, 50% of millennials trust products that are recommended by these influencers. Around 90% of marketers use influencer marketing for brand promotion. 

Influencer marketing is one of the means of digital marketing. These days many businesses are looking forward to these digital marketing methods. The outcome is huge when you make your brand go online. This is why famous celebrities and artists are seen asking How To Get An Artist Wikipedia Page

What Is Influencer Marketing?

The power to influence people is the biggest power one can have. But have you wondered how these influencers earn their living? Their earning comes from the brands that pay them to promote their services and products online on their social media accounts. 

Number Of Following 

The whole influencer marketing revolves around the number of followers an influencer has. The higher the number of followers is the proof of their online presence among social media users. But the following has to be organic, when brands reach these influencers, they only look for individuals with organic followers. 

Content Creation 

It is all due to due their years of hard work that results in the brand reaching out for collaboration. These influencers create quality content that is loved by their followers. They share their daily life stories to build a relationship with their Insta family, as they state. 

Making creative videos is not as easy as it looks. Hours of editing, recording, and retaking are what requires to make the perfect content. The more creative the content is the higher the engagement. 


Brands are on the hunt for influencers who have a high following. As a result, these influencers are reached to share the products and services on their social media accounts. Instagram is the biggest platform where influencers hit the jackpot. 

In return, these influencers charge these brands for an individual story or a post. The more the brand is demanding from them, the higher their charges are. 

The results, however, depend on how the influencer is being creative with the product/service. Followers don’t believe these influencers unless they themselves are using them. This is why the products are used first by them and then only they build trust. 

Challenges Faced By Influencers 

There are many challenges faced by these influencers such as;

Trolling: Not everybody in their following is their supporter. Some only follow them to troll them when possible. It is human nature that one has to point out the negative in everything. The same goes for them, they have to face all sorts of hate comments, bashing, and trolls. 

No Privacy: Influencers usually believe that their privacy is being invaded by their followers. Random text messages, followed behind in public.

Late Payments: It is also seen that brands often pay these influencers late. This has been a major issue with influencers regarding their earning.

Patience Is Required: One thing that influencers have to do quite a lot is to deal with rude people online. This is where patience is required, it is the key to dealing with individuals that take your hard work for granted.  

Earning Takes Time: Influencers just don’t start earning right away, you might as well be reached by small businesses that are not ready to pay you your desired amount. This is why it takes years to reach that point where huge brands reach you for your quality work. 

Why Influencer Marketing? 

The answer is simple, influencers are creative, skilled, disciplined, sociable, passionate about their work, and have the knowledge of algorithms set by Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. 

What’s fun is that you do not need a degree in order to become an influencer. All you require is some creative skills that you can utilize to make content. 

You can make the most of your video editing skills, photography skills, and writing skills to write your content for videos or campaigns that you have to run. 


If you are a business looking to promote your brand then go for influencer marketing or if you are an influencer looking for businesses to come forward and collaborate with you then you need to focus on what those skills you possess and how can they be utilized to become a powerful influencer of the year.


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