Importance of Technology in Health Care Industry The advent of technology has revolutionized the health care industry, as the changes have certainly improved medicine, science, and life. This article talks about the importance of technology in health care, so read on to know what changes transpired that makes modern technology essential.

There is no doubt that the introduction of modern technology into science and medicine has helped improved the quality of medications, treatment and increase the chance of people surviving from the different diseases that afflict man. Come to think of it! The use of modern equipment has certainly helped prolonged life and most importantly give people hope.

In terms of communication, modern technology has unquestionably breakdown the barriers as now the massive use of electronic recording or encoding of patients data into computer has made things easier for nurses or doctors who are trying to access the health patients data. Electronic health record has created a much stronger network in the health care industry, especially in almost all hospital that have taken advantage of the benefits offered by modern technology and recognized the importance of technology.

Getting information is a lot easier and faster now, as the records now updated free books pdf when new information becomes available, and this is vital for patients transferring to another facilities and units. Aside from communication the way people are diagnosed and treated has also improved considerably, which even allows diseases to be treated before a patient shows any symptoms.

The use of highly advanced equipment has helped a lot of doctors discover health problems before they occur and treat a health condition painlessly and less hassle. People can get surgery in the morning and go home in the afternoon or right after the operation, without any complication and this change has further boost the importance of technology in the medical field.

How Distressed Home Sales Impact Your Home’s Value We know the gut wrenching feeling when a home sells down the street from you for well below Fair Market Value (FMV). You may only find out when a perspective buyer says your home is too high priced because of that distressed home sale! Distressed home sales happen in any and every neighborhood from ghettos to multi-million dollar estate neighborhoods.

What is considered a distressed home? We usually think of distressed property as one with plywood over the windows and doors, perhaps inhabited by vagrants or drug dealers. In fact, most distressed sales are generally in no worse shape than the other homes in the neighborhood. So, a distressed home sale should be considered any property that sells enough below Fair Market Value (FMV) that it impacts the value of the surrounding houses.

From our experience, we believe that any property that trades at 20% or more below the “Median Home Value” will affect appraisal values throughout the neighborhood. This is especially true if there has been a second distressed sale within six months. What begins to happen is these distressed sales become new comparable sales and start impacting local homes on the market. These distressed sales force homeowners to reduce their prices and a domino effect of declining prices can begin to take place. Many other aspects of a home sell it besides price alone, but many sellers don’t realize this.

One of the most common causes of a distressed sale is neglect of the property, especially where residents may be physically or financially unable to care for their property. The only chance for change for these homeowners may be to wait until they move, or sell your house before theirs comes on the market where it will be sold as a distressed property. This distressed sale again causes a decline in your home’s value and neighborhood values in general.


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