How To Be Decorative with Books

Flair for reading books or not is secondary, but having a lot of books to set up and make them look visually pleasing is the real challenge. As some people even give books as gifts for special occasions. Luckily, we are here to suggest some quick tricks to sort things out better. Though the world-acclaimed brand Amazon has the upper hand in terms of finding it all. However, well-known fashion stores like Vogacloset have also joined the race, and to get better insights and make the most of it in terms of expenses, Vogacloset promo codes are also quite effective in getting an item at affordable rates.

Create a Wall 

Pondering on the phrase- “There is no friend as loyal as a book” and thinking about the immense loyalty range you have at home to deal with? Books are a great opportunity to help personalise a space. Consider arranging your books in blocks of colour in a contemporary interior as part of a wall for an abstract effect. Bring visual harmony and fun to a large book collection by arranging books in colour to create the most ombre effect possible.


Style Along Sculptures and Figurines

Even if you want to adorn those haphazard books lying around here and there, you can always place them beside unique and on interesting figurines like a giant hand holding the books. Since, sculptures have beautiful textures and patterns, they can truly enrich a space. Also, stacked books are a brilliant decorative tool for styling shelves. They make a good starting point for a display, as they help bring structure and provide mini podiums to showcase decorative objects.

Decorate Your Tea Table

Decorating with books is a lovely way to add depth to a living space as well as give out a welcoming and timeless feel for yourselves or your guest. If you love to make things around vibrant, why not bring an element of joy to your living room with a stack of books arranged neatly over a tea/coffee table at the centre? Make the vision of those movies or novels come alive, starting with a coffee mug at hand, relaxing on a sofa or chair and an alluring range of motivating books lying in front to churn the wheels of your mind and be lost in the magical realm of its storyline.

Amidst Plants at A Corner

A bookshelf is a particular piece of art to its owner, similar to his or her clothes; a reflection of their personality is stamped on them. If you want to keep spaces feeling calm and restful, consider combining and keeping them amidst plants and limiting books to a few carefully selected spines in colours to complement them. Though a little extra care needs to be taken when taking care of these in-door plants so they do not ruin or get your books dirty/wet. Set a light weighted chair and a table to acquire the perfect vibe of true luxury.

Ingenious Plans with Bookshelves

Whether displayed beside your bed or on your reading table, bookshelves with striking patterns can make a beautiful attraction point in a living room or anywhere else. Plus, unlike a fixed gallery wall, the display can easily be restyled for a fresh new look. These need not necessarily be placed at the left, right or centre on the ground of any location, but you can be innovative when it comes to bookshelves. Try opting for more creativity. Like, having placed a bookshelf right above the entrance of an elaborated dining area.

If there is a book that you want to read but still have not begun with, we suggest you do, as there is no feeling better than engrossing yourself in imaginative happiness. Buy them in all kinds like romance, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, and children’s books. It can be intriguing if fashion can also be included, right? We have a suggestion, and that is Vogacloset. With brand names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel, you may feel like these would make your pockets empty, then put a halt right there. You can now decode the cypher of styling your fashion books in a chic way with Vogacloset coupon codes.


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