How to Apply for Study MBBS in China in 2023

How to Apply for Study MBBS in China

To apply to be considered for MBBS in China, you must follow the necessary steps to obtain admission into any medical institute in China.

Search Chinese Medical Institutes

Students don’t have to be tarnished directly at any medical institution. Find a reputable agent in your town. Agents charge a specific cost that is between 5000 and 10000. Furthermore, the agent would be responsible for all questions about MBBS in China.

Admission Letter:

You must have the original/authentic admission letter sent by your school and the student visa form to obtain a visa through the Embassy of China. The Republic of China is located in Islamabad.

Apply for a Police Certificate:

Students must apply for police certification. To do this, you need to visit the police station in your area. They can provide you with guidance on the submission of a police certificate procedure. Usually, within a couple of days, the police station will issue you a certificate of police and a police certificate.

Verification of Academic Documents

Students are advised to obtain confirmation of their academic record and FSc document from your specific board of secondary and intermediate education. It is also verified by the chairman of the board commit Islamabad.

Visa Application

The applicants must provide transitory information regarding the visa application process for MBBS in China. The applicant must apply to the embassy to get a visa.

Options To Apply To Chinese Medical Universities:

For the application process, Chinese universities allow Pakistani students to select one of the following options for applying to medical schools:

  • The easiest and most efficient method to apply online is on the university’s website. Students are advised to go directly to the website of their preferred Chinese university.
  • Apply online through CUCAS, China’s official university and college admissions system. It is a self-application online portal that lets students apply for a medical degree at any Chinese university. It is a mediator between the students and the university.
  • Apply via CUAC. Students can apply to a Chinese medical university. This official site also provides an online counsellor and professional guidance to help students make the right choice regarding the application process for their MBBS at the University of China.
  • Students may submit their applications by enlisting the assistance of acquaintances who are already enrolled at the same Chinese university. So they will quickly gather all the details regarding the required application documents. They can then send the required documents to their acquaintances and make the application on your behalf.

Required Documents For MBBS in China:

Personal Statement Letter:

The letter should be 150 words, including an introduction to your goals and plans for the future after your graduate program.

Curriculum Vitae:

This includes information about the applicant’s statement regarding their education, work experience, and other experience, as well as any additional relevant information required by law.

Transcripts and diplomas

Candidates will have to be converted they are English or Chinese.

Physical examination records:

Results stamped by a hospital must accompany the blood test. English or Chinese translations are both obtained.

Recommendation letter:

The letter should contain specific details about the affiliation of the recommender with personal information, including location, email, phone number, signature, and signature.

Financial proof:

They must have an account statement from the person who sponsored them for the last three months, issued by the bank’s signature on letterhead, and a minimum amount of $7,000 or more. If the person who holds the account is not you, present the sponsor’s passport as proof of their identity.

You checked for authentic English and Chinese translations of all of your documents.

MBBS in China Last Date Of Admission

The majority of Chinese Universities are usually offering a September autumn intake. Still, if the university does not fill seats, they begin enrollment for the Spring intake in March. Some universities provide only March intakes for MBBS in China applicants.

PMC Test After Completion Of MBBS

After completing the MBBS in China, Passing your Pakistan health and dental authority tests as NLE is mandatory. If you pass the test, PMC will provide a certificate. You will then be eligible to be an acupuncturist in Pakistan.


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