Dissertation Discussion Examples For Undergraduate Business 

Completing an undergraduate business dissertation is a significant milestone for students pursuing a degree in business. The dissertation culminates their academic journey, allowing them to apply theoretical concepts to real-world business problems. One crucial section of a dissertation is the discussion, where students critically analyse and interpret their research findings. In this blog, we will provide dissertation discussion examples in undergraduate business, highlighting key elements such as the interpretation of results, implications for practice, limitations, and recommendations for future research.

Example 1: Exploring Consumer Behavior in Online Retail

In this example, the student conducted a quantitative study investigating the factors influencing consumer behaviour in online retail environments. The study utilised a survey instrument to collect data from 300 participants. The findings revealed that convenience, trust, and product quality significantly influenced consumer purchase intentions.

In the discussion, the student interpreted the results by emphasising the importance of these factors for online retailers. They discussed how understanding consumer preferences for convenience and trust could help businesses design user-friendly websites and build strong online reputations. Additionally, the student acknowledged the limitation of a single geographical location, recommending future research to include a more diverse sample.

Furthermore, the student identified the practical implications of the study’s findings, such as the need for online retailers to invest in secure payment systems and effective customer service. They also suggested that businesses should focus on enhancing the quality of their products to increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Example 2: The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Image 

In this example, the student conducted a qualitative study to explore the impact of social media marketing on brand image. They interviewed marketing managers from various companies to gain insights into their social media strategies and their perception of brand image enhancement.

The student analysed the interview data in the discussion, highlighting the key emerging themes. They discussed how social media platforms allow businesses to engage with their target audience, increase brand visibility, and create a positive brand image. The student also noted that careful planning and consistent messaging were critical in maintaining a cohesive brand identity across social media channels.

Furthermore, the student acknowledged the study’s limitations, including the small sample size and the potential for response bias. They recommended that future research include a larger and more diverse sample to ensure the generalisability of the findings.

The student concluded the discussion by providing practical recommendations for businesses. They suggested that companies should allocate resources to develop comprehensive social media strategies, including regular monitoring and timely response to customer feedback. They also emphasised integrating social media marketing efforts with overall marketing strategies for a coherent brand image.


The discussion section of an undergraduate business dissertation is an opportunity for students to showcase their analytical and critical thinking skills. This blog has highlighted the key elements necessary to create an effective discussion section by providing examples of dissertation discussions in undergraduate business. These examples demonstrate how students can interpret their research findings, discuss their implications for practice, acknowledge limitations, and provide recommendations for future research. Through rigorous analysis and thoughtful insights, undergraduate business students can contribute to the existing body of knowledge and make meaningful contributions to the field.



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