Difference between a Fondant Cake and a Cream Cake

Cakes have always been a part of the budding community. From simple biscuit cakes to elaborately designed cakes, there is always one present for different occasions. Cakes are the only dessert that qualifies for the creation of everlasting memories as well as acting as a comfort food when times are tough. In ancient times, they essentially served as a symbol of wealth but now- every house has cakes once in a while. No matter whether the occasion is small or big, cutting a cake is mandatory.

Yes, there is always something special about cakes. Whether you are ordering a cake for a kid’s party or a wedding ceremony, the most important thing is to decide how to get it decorated. For instance, do you wish to have a fondant cake or do you wish to have a cream cake? Taking up the two most common cakes you get to order from online cake shop – fondant cakes and cream cakes both are amazing.

Fondant Cake

It is a mixture of different cakes with a lot of sugar. It includes ingredients like gelatin, glucose, and a lot more. It has a smooth and silky texture and can be molded in any style and shape that you want. To give an amazing and gorgeous look to the cake, the bakers add artificial flavors as well as food colors in them.

Cream Cake

Purely made up of cream, sugar, and whipped butter, the cream cake is a delightful treat for all. The decent creamy consistency prepares easy and wonderful designs of cakes like swirls and rosettes. These cakes melt easily and that is the reason it needs to be refrigerated. But let us have a look at the points that differentiate fondant cake from cream cake.

Shelf life 

Let’s start with the most practical reasoning basis. Apart from taste, texture, and decoration, the dessert’s durability is a big question. In this case, fondant cakes have a comparatively greater shelf life in comparison to cream cakes. This is essential because of the icing they have. The cream cakes, however, need to be refrigerated.

Enhancement of the decoration

Fondant cakes are usually the den of creativity. Their ornamentation consists of a huge variety of intricate designs and patterns while the cream cakes have limited options when it comes to their accessorizing. Some fruits, chocolates, and such can be adjusted to their enhancement.


The fondant icing has a huge hand in the hardened and firm texture of a fondant cake. On the other hand, the cream cake, as the name suggests, has a softer slice if not delicate.


Umami – a Japanese word to describe deliciousness is a perfect fit for both of these cakes. Fondant cakes are gladdened with icing- naturally, they will be a lot sweeter than the refreshing taste of cream cakes.

Customization scope

Once again, fondant cakes come through. They are more easily customized than cream cakes. Even though tastes can be adjusted in both cases, the scope for the versatility of design is negligible in cream cakes.

Occasion type

Merely because fondant cakes show more fluidity to creativity, they are a perfect fit for formal events. Cream cakes on the other hand are more easygoing and far more casual.

Icing type

The icing used for fondant cakes is more of sugary with heaps of gelatin and water. This smooth, polished filling is what makes it easy for patterns and designs to be created. However, cream cakes are essentially covered in a fluffier covering consisting of whipped cream.

Coming to the end of this delicious comparison, fondant cakes and cream cakes, however different in various factors, have their charm and comfort. When it comes to placing anonline cake delivery, personal preferences are what matters the most. So cheer up everyone, whether you fantasize about the heavy fondant look of the fondant cake or the lighter, more refreshing taste of the cream cake – there’s one for everyone to enjoy. Let’s celebrate the occasion with the unique taste of both these amazing cakes – whatever their differences might be.

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