Clevo NH70 – A Comprehensive Review

The Clevo NH70 is a great gaming laptop with a high-resolution display and powerful processor. It also has a comfortable keyboard and touchpad. Its dedicated media keys make it easy to control audio and video features.


Its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card provides stunning visuals and smooth performance in modern games. It also has plenty of memory to handle large applications and games.

Clevo NH70 Overview


The Clevo NH70 is a high-performance laptop designed for gaming enthusiasts. It has a powerful processor and a high-resolution display that can deliver an immersive gaming experience. It also features a backlit keyboard and a smooth, responsive touchpad that makes it easy to navigate games and applications. It also has a sound system that is designed to provide the best possible audio experience.


The CPU on the Clevo NH70 is a fast six-core Intel Core i7-9750H processor, which provides good performance. Its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card is capable of running modern games at high settings and frame rates. However, the battery life on this laptop is a bit short, so you’ll need to keep it connected during long gaming sessions.


The 17.3-inch screen on this laptop offers stunning visuals and vibrant colors. The HD resolution and matte finish help reduce glare and eye strain. The Clevo NH70 also has a built-in webcam for video chats and other video-conferencing applications. The laptop’s speakers are also surprisingly loud, making them great for watching movies or listening to music.


Another important feature of the Clevo NH70 is its gaming-specific features and VR capabilities. Its powerful hardware allows it to run demanding games at maximum settings, and its cooling system keeps temperatures in check. It also has a dedicated media key that lets you control your music, videos and games.


The Clevo NH70’s keyboard and touchpad are comfortable to use, and the software included with this laptop makes it easy to customize them for gaming. Its speakers and microphone are also designed to deliver excellent audio quality. The programmable gaming keypad is especially useful for gamers, as it can be used to create macros and other functions. It also has a temperature monitoring tool, so you can track your laptop’s performance and adjust the settings as needed.

Clevo NH70 Features


The clevo nh70 is a gaming laptop that is designed to provide high-performance hardware and a sleek design. It is suitable for gamers who want to play the latest games on a large screen. This laptop is also a good choice for video editing and content creation. Its powerful processor allows it to handle these tasks quickly and efficiently. It has a 17.3-inch full HD display and a high-quality graphics card. It is also equipped with a powerful battery, which means it can last for hours on end.

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The Clevo NH70 has received a number of positive reviews from customers. Most of them praised the laptop’s performance and value for money. However, some users said that the device’s battery life was too short for heavy gaming. The laptop also runs hot after long use.


This laptop is equipped with a 9th-generation Intel core i7 processor and comes with a 17-inch Full HD IPS screen. Its powerful GPU and pixel density of 127.3 PPI make it the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy the highest image quality. It can run the majority of recent games at medium or high settings.


Another great feature of the Clevo NH70 is its storage space, which can accommodate large video files and content. Its fast SSD drive provides excellent performance for high-speed operations. The laptop also has dedicated media keys that allow you to easily control the music and video player.


The Clevo NH70 is a powerful laptop that can be used for gaming, multimedia, and office work. Its powerful CPU and graphics card provide a smooth, seamless experience when playing demanding games. The laptop also has a fast charging time and a powerful power adapter.


Unlike many gaming laptops, the NH70 has a solid-state drive, which provides exceptional performance and speed. Its processor and memory are also designed to support the latest games. Moreover, its cooling system helps to keep temperatures in check during gaming sessions. The NH70 also has a dedicated gaming keyboard and touchpad. Its keypad is comfortable to type on and features several game-specific commands.

Clevo NH70 Review


If you’re looking for a powerful gaming laptop with a high-resolution display, the Clevo NH70 is the perfect option. This powerful machine is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and has enough memory to run even the most demanding games. It also has a beautiful high-resolution display and excellent battery life. It’s not a cheap purchase, but it’s worth the price for those who love to play games.


This laptop’s pixel density is 127.3 pixels per inch, which provides high image quality and sharp text. This makes it easy to read in low-light conditions, which is great for gamers who want to play in a dark room. It also comes with a backlit keyboard that makes it easy to type in any environment.


The NH70 has 8GB of RAM, which is sufficient for most gamers. The RAM is a form of computer memory that stores data the processor needs quickly. This allows the NH70 to run multiple programs at the same time and improve overall performance. It also comes with a reliable SSD for storage. The size of the SSD will vary depending on the model.


The clevo nh70 has a 9th-generation intel core i7 processor, which is ideal for gaming. This powerful processor gives gamers a smooth gaming experience, and it can handle any game they want to play. It also has a decent graphics card, which allows you to play the latest games at full resolution.


In addition to its powerful processor, the clevo nh70 has 512GB of SSD storage, which is sufficient for most gamers. The laptop is very lightweight and portable, so it’s perfect for gaming on-the-go. Its battery life is short, however, so you’ll need to keep a charger nearby.


The NH70 is available in several different configurations, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. It also has a wide range of ports, so you can connect it to external devices and accessories. You can also customize the case to fit your style and preferences. You can find many different colors and designs for the NH70, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Clevo NH70 New Version


Clevo is a company that specializes in manufacturing laptops and computer components. It is based in Taiwan and is well-known for its quality laptops. Its laptops feature a sleek design and high-quality components. Its gaming laptops are also renowned for their power and performance. The company also has service centers located around the world. These include Canada, Germany, the UK, China, and Taiwan. The company offers a variety of laptops to suit different needs and budgets.


The Clevo NH70 has an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 17.3-inch HD image display. It is capable of running the most demanding games and can handle multiple tasks without slowing down. Its heaviness, however, makes it difficult to carry for long journeys.


It has a backlit keyboard and a responsive touchpad that helps gamers play more comfortably. It also has an underneath light that illustrates the keys and symbols more precisely. Its sound system is also impressive and provides a natural experience.


This laptop has several ports for various devices, including USB Type-C and HDMI. It also has a built-in 720p webcam for video conferencing and streaming. The battery life is short, however, and you may need to keep a charger close during long gaming sessions.


Despite its shortcomings, the Clevo NH70 is a great choice for gamers who want to play demanding games on a beautiful screen. Its powerful processor and impressive graphics capabilities make it the ideal gaming laptop. Whether it’s worth the price depends on your needs and priorities.


Besides the basic features of a good laptop, gaming laptops also need to have a high processor speed and a large screen with a high resolution. It is important to consider the pros and cons of each model before making a final decision. The best option is to choose a laptop that has all the features you need and suits your budget. This will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


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