Practical and proven methods of cleaning windows decorated with curtains and Blinds.

Clean windows decorated with curtains or Roman blinds are the decoration and showcase of each apartment. Although their care is theoretically simple, it is worth using practical and proven window cleaning methods. Thanks to them, each pane will shine, the glazing will be free of unsightly streaks, and their cleaning will be quick and convenient every time.

When should windows be washed?

The right time for glazing maintenance is of great importance for the convenience of window cleaning and the effect of work. Do not start cleaning on highly sunny days – the sun’s rays quickly dry water and chemicals, leaving unsightly streaks. It is not worth washing windows on rainy days because rainfall will soon destroy the effects of the work. Maintaining them in the cold is also inadvisable – glass exposed to hot water can crack, and the liquid freezes quickly, making it difficult to wipe dry. It is best to schedule window cleaning for slightly cloudy and not-too-hot days, as well as in the morning or evening.

Many people also wonder how often to clean windows. The immediate vicinity and the contaminants present in it, which may increase the dirtiness of the windows, are of great importance. Glazing and their frames should be washed at least four times a year; it may be necessary even more often in areas with a high concentration of dust and dust. Also, unfavourable weather – frequent rains and wind-carrying particles can accelerate the need for window care. What resources and methods should be used for it?

Appropriate chemicals

To keep your windows sparkling clean, use the right chemicals to clean them. Dozens of liquids and foams are available for sale, with slightly different care characteristics. They often contain alcohol with degreasing properties, allowing you to eliminate ugly streaks quickly. Other fat-dissolving substances are often used in their place to help remove various deposits.

When caring for windows, you can use preparations offered in every store or technological means for professional use offered on request. If you need the right chemical products, you can also use proven home methods of window cleaning, which are cheap, ecological and available in almost every home.

Homemade window cleaning methods

The most commonly used household window cleaner is spirit vinegar. It exhibits degreasing solid properties, providing exceptional brilliance of washed glazing. Preparing a 4:1 solution with water will be necessary to clean windows with vinegar. After pouring it into a bottle with an atomizer and spraying the windows, wipe them with a soft cloth and wait for them to dry. Like many specialist liquids, vinegar water does not require additional rinsing, accelerating the overall pace of work. Although the smell of vinegar may not be delightful during the activities, it will disappear shortly after airing the rooms.

Comprehensive cleaning of windows and frames

Typically, most people responsible for the care of glazing clean them once a quarter. When cleaning windows, remember their frames, which should be cleaned at least twice a year. To avoid damaging or soiling the window decorations during the works, sheer luxury curtains and Roman blinds hung at the windows should be removed in advance. After removing them, the first step should be meticulously wiping dust, pollen and bird droppings from the frames and window sills with a wet cloth. After removing the more considerable dirt, carefully wash the door frames with water and liquid, then rinse and wipe them dry.

The next step is to clean the windows. It is advisable to pre-moisten them with a wet cloth for optimal results. On damp windows, apply the selected preparation, cleaning the entire surface of the pane with it, and then wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth that effectively absorbs water and leaves no streaks. Modern window care products usually do not require rinsing, guaranteeing a good effect only after wiping them. To achieve the best results, it is also worth polishing the glass. How to provide glazing with a perfect shine without streaks?

Glass polishing

Polishing the glass is a proven method that will eliminate any streaks that appear due to washing. They are usually caused by inaccurate wiping of the chemical agent or too much moisture in the cloth intended for drying the pane. To remove stains, polishing should be done immediately after washing. You can use a clean and dry microfiber cloth or terry diaper, paper towels, or a slightly old-fashioned but effective way – black and white, crumpled newspaper sheets. The glass is polished from top to bottom and from side to side. Thanks to this, all streaks will be effectively removed, and the panes will gain a unique shine. After washing and polishing the windows, you can hang clean curtains or Roman blinds to decorate clean glazing.

Cleaning windows is an uncomplicated but time-consuming and exhausting job. To facilitate it and, at the same time to achieve optimal results, it is worth using high-quality preparations and proven methods that will eliminate greasy deposits and streaks. Clean windows decorated with crushed velvet grey curtains or Roman blinds will decorate every apartment, letting in a lot of light and providing a good view of the nearest surroundings.


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